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Look For the Seal


The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors is the largest Group of Home Inspectors under one Roof (Pun Intended). InterNACHI's Numbers are past 24,000 and rising. When you retain the services of an InterNACHI inspector you are getting more than a guy in a truck, you are getting an incredible amount of knowledge and experience with the backing of an International Organization with strict codes of conduct and bylaws.

Infrared...Like Superman?


Not quite. Infrared Technology allows properly trained Home Inspectors and Mold Inspectors to evaluate a home for possible water intrusion or leaks, to evaluate effectiveness of insulation, and to be able to inspect Overheating electric components. Infrared Thermography is not a hack science and requires the Inspector to understand Building Science and the use of the scientific instrument.

Do you have Dirty Ducts in your house?


You may have seen Trucks driving around that say $99.00 Air Duct Cleaning. It Sounds like a good deal right?....but is it? There are many reasons why you may want to get your HVAC Air Ducts cleaned but before you do, consult the Environmental Protective Agency's article on the subject to arm yourself with the information that will ensure you are getting what you pay for and to understand the process involved.

$199 for a Mold Test?!?!?!


There are Currently no Federal or State Threshold Limit Values for safe mold exposure and  also no regulations for mold testing standards. That being said, please use caution when a company is advertising "affordable" mold testing, offers a free test, and/or promotes the negative health effects of mold as a sales scare tactic. 

Your samples should go to a professional laboratory


Have you ever gotten a mold test and wondered where in the world it went? When you enlist Atlas Building Inspections to do your environmental testing you know not only where it went but know that its in safe hands with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry...did I mention its AIHI accredited?

Furnace or Water Heater an inheritance from Grandma and Grandpa?


Are your mechanical Components so old that the Repairman grumbles under his breath ever time he pays a visit? See what the gripe is about by looking up your Heaters and appliances.

More Information for you


California legislation regarding home inspections

While there is currently no legislation requiring the home inspectors to be licensed there are a few key points of interest that you may want to know.

California Department of Public Health

Here is some general information regarding mold, mold testing, and legislation that pertains to mold testing, living conditions, and remediation.

Interested in knowing about your report?

We are proud users and supporters of the Palm-Tech inspection software and take every opportunity to use emerging technologies to make your inspection report clear, concise, and to the point with many photos and graphics.

Indoor air quality...Huh?!?!?

What is Indoor air quality and what does it mean to you? You and everyone you know  spend most of their time indoors and breathing compromised air may have adverse effects on your health. The air you breathe may be harboring something that would surprise you.